வேலைக்காரியால் இந்த பையனுக்கு நடந்த கொடுமையை பாருங்க


When family members are working on full time jobs and it becomes difficult to balance house and office. The household chores like washing dishes, clothes, cleaning house, gardening and much more works that need our attention to keep life healthy by living in hygienic environment; we need someone who can take care of it. A maid servant does household chores so that we can focus more on work and career. They ease our household work and consequently, our life for spending their life on work of our house.

This is yet another social experiment. However, it is very difficult to find logic or purpose behind carrying out this social experiment. An actress is sent as a maid to a person’s house and their conversation is recorded in a spy camera. When things go out of hand, random people who are part of the prank, come to rescue her.

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